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What Solutions Can We Develop For You?

At Washington Penn Plastic, we approach product development differently. We custom tailor solutions based on the necessary properties for the application, and we love a challenge!  Our product development team has extensive experience modifying polypropylene, polyethylene and thermoplastic elastomers to meet specific material requirements with a variety of property-enhancing reinforcements.  Together with our customers, we are discovering more ways to create cost-effective and high-performing polyolefins and elastomers that bridge the cost and performance gaps between traditional engineering resins and commodity thermoplastics.

  • Application Specific Solutions - Washington Penn develops unique solutions for PP, PE and TPE to meet application requirements.  
  • Engineering Resin Replacements - Our solutions expand the property window of polyolefins and TPE to enable material replacement of traditional engineered resins. 
  • Process Versatility - Our materials are tailored to run on various processing platforms.  We have the unique ability to tailor a material’s shrinkage to run on existing injection molding assets.